dinsdag 23 februari 2016


It has been some time but I still want to share this. A while ago I went to Ikea with my sister we finally have one in the city now and it's the second time we went there. I absolutely love to ride my bike and its half an hour away from my house and the landscapes outside town are absolutely stunning and so relaxing. I needed a new lamp because my old one was completely ruined and some organizers to show off my bags so i didn't need to stuff them away under my bed anymore. We also heard there was this new vegan dish and we just had to try it out, turned out it sucked since it was pretty tasteless and it wasn't even extremely cheap. It is still great they now have a vegan dish but next time we will just stuff ourselves with snacks, the bread and (fruit)salads there and of course a big glass of coke (secretly one of my biggest addictions even though I can't handle caffeine well) 

I was seriously so amazed with their plant collection, such beautiful creatures picked up just these two cuties <3

I present the new lamp~ it makes my (messy) room look wonderfully pink

I want to plant some herbs in this maybe??

I absolutely adore raspberries and big towels no surprise i didnt have to think of the combination

The hooks to display my bags, they are multi-functional if you screw them on a wall you have two hooks but im not really allowed to damage the walls :( but these are enough to hold my (favorite and most used) bags


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