maandag 16 september 2013

Rainy Days

Hey guys~
Yesterday was once a productive day for me. I cleaned my room. It was such hard work since I didn't do it in a long while. My floor was all dirty and my sink was even clogged. Apparently too many of my long hairs got into the drain and the water wouldn't even flow down properly. So I had a very hard time getting all those hairs out and it was really gross. I felt so dirty and my clothes even got wet so just jumped in the shower afterwards. But now my room is clean again, even though there are already crumbs from pie and cookies everywhere again.

Today we had PE with another class, but I totally didn't like it. The kids were so active and loud and we also did a very stupid game and I decided to just sit and watch, which turned out to be a very wise decision. School was very boring and tiresome as usual. After school I called my doctor to talk about my chronic fatigue but the conversation didn't go that well but I kinda expected that. But it made me feel totally hopeless and sad. But I'll just have to bear with it.


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