woensdag 24 april 2013


This saturday I went out, told you about it in my previous post right? It caused me to be enormously stressed out, and my agoraphobia kind of returned and I was feeling really depressed. The exhibition was wonderful, I was totally amazed by his great work. And we could even pay less than we thought because I read the sign wrong, 18-year-olds could still get a ticket for 2€ which was very cheap. But unfortunately my sister was a bit ill, and had to stand in line for the toilets for like an hour or even more (she went two times which came out very badly) and with that she kind of fucked up my schedule. I wanted to shop at the market too since I can't find clothes in normal clothing shops. But because I only planned somewhat more than an hour for that we had to drop it because of her toilettrip, which made me very dissapointed and annoyed.

At the end of the day I only got one shirt and a lot of rubbish from Primark. I spend like 27€ there and with some products I wondered if I really needed it afterwards, but can't easily return it now since it's like miles away. I think I will still make seperate posts for all my Jean Paul Gaultier spam and a haul. But my mother said she would buy other train tickets so we could go shopping at places that I like, instead of all those trendy shops that won't sell mori-clothes *sad face* In my opinion it just looks like she wants to go out on a trip with me since I could've gone alone, but well :p

Today I planned to go to the mall in the town I go to school, to return my shorts at H&M. But unfortunately I totally forgot the receipt. So I went to the mall in my hometown and scored some ice-cream. They have delicious white-chocolate and raspberry which I love, especially in combination with ice-cream. I talked to the lomo-store man and he looked like he was glad seeing me again since such a long time. Now I finally have some new film again, they didn't sell it for a long while since they had trouble receiving them or something. And my full rolls will now be processed.

Also I saw the ending of Iris 2 and I was sooo freaking disappointed, can't believe it was like the ending of the first season all over again. And I really hoped it would be better :c


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