donderdag 17 januari 2013

Film Fail

Did not write anything for 3 days in a row :o
I was feeling really bad and had a really bad day again at school. I had to work my ass off because finals are coming soon and I never did anything much and so I have to regain all these lost (over 10) weeks. And it is definitely not becoming any better tomorrow. You could practically say this is all my own fault (like all the adults do) but well I just don't see the importance of school-related stuff when I'm feeling all miserable.

And now I really am frustrated because when I went to the lomo store and the shopkeeper said my 2 rolls of the ice sculptures failed. I was like waiting forever for a call from them but it also takes 2.5 weeks to develop  sprocket rocket films apparently, which I didn't know. I already shot 3 new rolls full, but here comes another fail, one of them is nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere in my bag, room and the living room but it just disappeared.

I also visited the deers (we have a very cool place where there are a lot of animals just like a farm but then just dears, llama's, goats etc.) 2 times in a row. Because I was really stressed and wanted to go out for a moment, I decided to cycle to the lomo store and inform. On my way I visited my baby's and made a lot of photos of course. I never grow tired of them.
The next day there fell a lot of snow, I was so happy when I opened my window and saw it. It was very cold outside of course but I figured the snow would look very pretty in combination with my lovely baby's so I visited them again. I also shot some scenery photos. But one of the deers wasn't very fond of the sound of my Supersampler (which I LOVE) I tried to move closer to the deer when I held the shutter so I could get different pictures on each part. But then I startled him and he ran away. Haha such a scaredy cat.

But well time to watch Flower Boy Next Door~!!!
Love y'all

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