vrijdag 9 november 2012

Analogue and Lomography Obsession

Hey everyone~
Lately I have had sooo much trouble :o My biggest issue right now is that I really want a Canon 550D or another DSLR. Developing films is a bit expensive if you want to take many pictures everytime you go out. I currently have a box with some money so I can save that up for my DSLR but I don't have much yet I can't resist to buy even more analogue camera's. They are so cheap nowadays but I think that's mainly because of the developing price. But I like lomography more so I guess it's just a price I have to pay :s

I am searching every single moment for new cheap camera's and considering about buying new lomography camera's.
This is my wishlist for the moment:


La Sardina with flash - Copernicus edition (because I love stars <3)
Diana Mini En Rose
Horizon Kompakt
Action Sampler
Pop 9

I want a lot and I will probably never have money because I'm too exhausted to take a job beside schoolwork. I recently bought a Pentax Spotmatic. I saw a cool lomographer who took pictures with this camera and I really liked the effect I found one that was very cheap online and ordered it. If I'm right the former owner should've send it on the mail today.
I am also debating whether or not I should buy a Canon Canonet but that will probably be a yes ^^

Today I stayed at home because of my migraine and I just watched dramas again just like I did the whole vacation long (no I'm certainly not addicted) But the day after tommorow I will try to go again despite how heavy it might be. It started yesterday but despite that I still had some fun. We took a walk with my aunt, uncle and their adorable children. I finally finished a film and I can develop it now. But unluckily my Fisheye had a little error so I will take it to the lomography shop in our town and hope it can be fixed.

I am really sorry for a bit of a pointless and full of bad grammar post :o
But I am kind of tired now and inspirationless :p


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