dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

(Shopping) Trip Through The Netherlands

Today was a very tiring day. I went shopping with my sisters and mother. This is for most people a happy thing but it was very annoying today. As for my family, we don't get along really well so there will always be a couple of fights and such and to make things even worse I can't even move properly despite my car-accident. But I wanted to buy new clothes and see some more of our wonderful *couch* country.

There is a huge black spot on the screen of my own camera now, so I borrowed my twinsister's which was also a little bit broken but not noticeably. Photography is a lot harder when you can't even see what kind of picture you are taking so...  And there was also her, with her Canon EOS 550, she was taking pictures of me the whole time :o But surprisingly I look good in her photographs, so it doesn't bother me. 

We first went to Amsterdam, been there a lot, it's been my third time since previous week actually. But we still needed some clothes and my younger sister wanted to go there too. It's awesome because you can score some really cheap clothes there. We live in the north-east of our country so it took us somewhat more than 1.5 hour. We found some pretty good clothes there. I still think that a lot of shop-chains are swindlers, the quality doesn't even match the price in 90 percent of all cases, so it's best to get them with a discount right? And the budget I get also isn't the highest so I have to be a bit modest. 

Thereafter we went to Den Bosch it's in the south of our country so we had to travel an hour again. It was a really nice city, our aunt recommended it once for shopping and the old buildings (love those <3) So I made a lot of pictures there and bought some more clothes actually :o yes I know I still had a lot to spend so why not do that ^o^ 

I finally found some extra basic shirts in a cream color, I really need those because it's annoying with washing them out everyday so I now have 5 basic shirts in 3 different colors (white, grey, cream) I also bought super gorgeous wedges and a beautiful dress that would be perfect for a project premier I will attend next month. I still needed a dress for that because I only have Mori-Kei things which wouldn't really suit the formal atmosphere. And one thing I noticed is that I searched for more colors in my wardrobe, I even picked some (dark)green items which look also cute with mori co-oords, but I think I was focused to much on only pastels. I can also happily remove some things on my wishlist now ^o^ I think I succeeded and even got leftover cash..

I will add another post on this with pictures i made and stuff but too tired now XD
these ones are made by Judith

In Amsterdam

Waiting for the train....

Me trying hard to get a picture from above with the fountain right on one-third and the other statues on the other third, still failed.


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